To increase the resistance before the explosions for military vehicles, BAE Systems was looking for answers from the hardest bugs in the natural world – beetle armor (Ironclad beetle). Based on the idea of the crust and the dat nen nha trang legs of beetles, contractors famous British military is currently developing a suspension system titanium alloy can be bent – replace the role of the spring and when a land mine officials, under pressure of the blast, the alloy can still return to its original state without breakage.

Currently, the shells of armored vehicles have been able to protect vehicle occupants in the front as well as that of the infantry mines or IED mines. But many parts of the vehicle such as the suspension system could be damaged and this means it will not be able to continue to operate and should be different rescue units, thereby affecting the time to perform the tasks.


BAE has inspired crust and leg armor beetle – an insect eating fungus native to Texas and South America and we own one of the can ho empire city thu thiem most hard skeleton of arthropod species. If you step on it, the beetle only winced and then leaving without pancaked like cockroaches. And if you catch a template and want to do, then you will need a drill by its crust so strong that you barely can pin a regular pin through its body.

BAE wanted to get the shell and chassis armor similar bugs but unlike bugs with “shell and chassis” is made of chitin, they used a titanium alloy has the dat nen trung tam nha trang ability to recover state. It’s the same kind of material with the plastic glasses are not broken we have seen in the market. This alloy has been laboratory logistics of US Navy research from the 60s of the last century one by chance – namely one of the technical director of the laboratory had to try the box swipe a piece alloy heat applied to cut choppy and it suddenly shrink back to its original shape. Since this discovery, self-recovery alloy shape began to be applied in many fields, from glasses to the spacecraft.


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The first prototype of the suspension was made to participate in the competition development platforms durable ground unmanned technology from the laboratory, scientific and defense (DSTL) of the British government Start up. According to BAE Systems, this is the first titanium alloy used to manufacture a complete suspension system and it can not only restore the original state after a powerful impact bent from an explosion that also has high plasticity, allowing complete replacement springs, thereby simplifying design for vehicle chassis.

Engineers at BAE said the initial test on a small percentage of the prototype suspension system titanium alloy showed unexpected results when it can survive 5 times to try to intensity blasts in ascending. Currently BAE Systems is seeking to develop technology for application on means truth and is expected to deploy on the battlefield within the next decade 1.

Marcus Potter – led ground facilities department at BAE Systems said: “This unique alloy type can create a big change for combat vehicles participating in the campaign. Compatibility with circumstances change unexpectedly is something extremely important to maintain the effectiveness and application of titanium alloy gives the armed forces the necessary flexibility and ability to survive in order to complete the task service in challenging areas. “


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