Microsoft explained the reasons centered research & development in Israel


Ramon Roy, partner program manager of Intel, said Intel is one of the condotel sungroup companies hire more personnel in Israel with about 11,000 most employees across the country. The company made this chip has established headquarters in Israel from 40 years ago and is now involved in many different fields. Ramon uses the word “chutzpah”, is a term used to indicate the confidence of a certain individual, to talk about Israel. He said that this is the “engine” that Israelis usefulness available in your blood.


“The reason I start this partner program is because when your startup, in the role of a corporation, having a company in Israel, they speak directly to our engineers that we are doing wrong. They deceived from everything, while our engineers have been working for years. They are all experts in the world, so that sungroup there is a startup dare to boldly go to a huge company like Intel and said something he are doing it all wrong. This is the culture that you can not find in anywhere in the world “.



Zack Weisfeld, general manager of Global Promotion Program of Microsoft, said that the R & D base of his company has about 1,000 people Premier condotel đà nẵng heritage in Israel since the first office opened 25 years started earlier. “This is the first R & D center that we opened outside the headquarters”.


Weisfeld said there are many new technologies are being applied in Israel, and Microsoft wants to work with the startup – even acquiring them – in the emerging field of artificial intelligence. “Most of our founders that low in Israel comes from the world of technology rather than căn hộ feliz en vista quận 2 from business, not a business he was trying to solve a particular problem and co Plate up the technical side. They really have a lot of gray matter and are now stepping up in things like agriculture, robotics, health “.

Weisfeldnoi added: “There are several reasons of culture, and something about understanding the business market and they (the Israeli startup) would be difficult in the beginning. But if you put them into their correct , nothing can stop them. ”

Other companies

Amazon, Apple is also developing new technologies in the R & D center in Israel, but quieter. An Apple employee once revealed that iPhone 8 is being developed in a place about 15km from Tel Aviv. There are about 800 employees at the research center of Apple, which was launched four years ago and is overseen by Johny Srouji, vice president responsible for the hardware at Apple.

Offices were opened here after Apple acquired two startup: design company Anobit flash memory (2012) and unit development PrimeSense 3D sensor (2013). Then Apple bought the company Linx camera here.

Sources close to Apple said the research facilities of the company in Herzliya is developing hardware like chips, memory, camera and wireless components. 2015, during a visit to Israel, Tim Cook said that this is the basis of the research office of Apple’s second-largest in the world.

Amazon also do R & D in Israel. The company did not say how many employees at the office in this country, but revealed they are working with Amazon Web Services – rental of Amazon cloud computing and many other projects. Amazon bought the company also makes chips Annapurna Labs in 2015 for about $ 350 million.


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