[Science] Comets swept across the earth 56 million years ago created a clear evolution of life

consequently air temperature.

Around 56 million years ago, the condotel sungroup Earth where we live has experienced an event made clear climate change, this event different from the development history 4.5 billion years of it, resulting in heat air rose to 8 ° C, making the snow melts across the planet almost. But also in this period, the biodiversity on Earth has grown significantly, particularly primate species, leading to the evolution of humans today.


Recently, the researchers published their geologists have empire city thủ thiêm found evidence of a mysterious comet, once swept across the earth in time 56 million years ago (about 10 million years after the dinosaurs disappeared on earth), causing sudden changes and significant events leading to the above. The earth’s temperature rise 8 degrees centigrade called PETM (Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum), marking the end of the Paleocene Epoch period and start of the Eocene Epoch. This period began around 56 million years ago and lasted for more than 22 million years.

Rising temperatures cause glaciers around the world melted away,

During the PETM, CO2 in the atmosphere rise very high, while the global temperature has increased at least 5-8 ° C. Together with that, the temperature of the sea surface in the tropical regions also rose to the highest level, up to 35 ° C, while in the condotel invesment seabed water temperature between 10 ° C – much higher than the current . Rising temperatures cause glaciers around the world melt, forest fires also happen everywhere, making the species must constantly evolve to respond to new living conditions.


Now, many mammals have to leave home earlier are familiar woods, they look to the vast plains, and wider environment and their size makes development more . That time is also the basis for the formation of the mammalian species such as rhino days, horses, pigs, camels, hippos …

primates also thrive

Ancient ancestors of whales also appear during the PETM, scientists also said they found the fossil of the căn hộ bình an pearl quận 2 species of mammals larger placental size more developed brain . In parallel, the primates also thriving thanks to the development of the limbs with the hands and feet, able to grip objects, their precursors generate many millions of years later monkey.


According to geologists, the time that a mysterious comet has swept the planet, as the planet’s temperature rose suddenly green, but also because it has stimulated the development of life. Before the PETM 10 million years, a meteorite crashed to Earth killed the dinosaurs and many other species. Then another event, swept through the mysterious comet may also be the opposite, which is to stimulate the development of biodiversity on earth.

The researchers said they found the crystal ball at three locations along the Atlantic plains. These samples are also related to these meteorites from extraterrestrial, is said to be broken off from the service comet strike the earth millions of years ago and the piece remains have to stay on our planet row million years.

The information above is Morgan Schaller researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York unveiled at an annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Colorado took place last week. Scientists currently still being discussed with each other to detect whether Morgan Schaller’s team has given is correct.


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