Real estate market Vietnam resort

Vietnamese investors splash billion for investment projects

After the project acquisitions cult looming condotel đà nẵng sungroup domestic investors silently potential acquirer of the business projects abroad.

If before 2014, in the race to acquire the project, foreign enterprises are always gain the upper hand from the past 2 years, the market of real estate M & A witnessed a reverse trend. The main investors in the country with condotel premier sungroup phu quoc strong potential for capital actively seeking projects and land for development. More particularly businesses have stretched their arms to capture the super-project foreign enterprises.


BRG Group is one of the pioneer firms in project acquisitions of foreign investors. In 2012, BRG acquisitions completed 5-star hotel Hilton Opera from the hands of the boss Germany and Austria. In early 2016, information BRG Group officially completed the acquisition of Sedona Suites Hanoi Hotel (Ngoc Van, Quang An, Hanoi) from Keppel Land Group Ltd. (Singapore) with a total value of 31.5 million USD once again stir the real estate market.

In the south, a big real estate Trip also acquired projects are foreign enterprises Novaland. After the acquisition of Nam Rach 30 ha of Vina Capital, until 2016 officially transferred Novaland project urban areas wider Da Phuoc International 180 hectares with a total investment capital of 250 million dollars the first sale from Daewoo hand.

Real estate market Vietnam resort

Reportedly, after Novaland full implementation of legal procedures and granted investment certificates, the company will name the project The Sunrise Bay Urban. Urban areas including hotels, commercial centers & conferences, schools, villas and townhouses, golf driving range. The expected size of 32 traders, 2680 houses, 860 semi-detached house, 160 villas, 66 luxury villas … Construction period from now to 2023.


At the resort real estate market, also recently appeared a case of emerging giants on the property market as Rang Dong Group – one of the Group’s private sector infrastructure construction in Vietnam – stay takeover consortium 5 stars support of US billionaires to Ocean Dunes super project. After the takeover, Rang Dong Group recently officially open sale market exploration has contributed to the hot real estate market of Phan Thiet.

Investments in large projects

Reportedly, the current Ocean Dunes is one of the projects with the empire city thủ thiêm largest scale in Phan Thiet. This is a complex of villas, town houses and hotels on the beach with a total area of 62 hectares of the total investment amounted to 2.600 billion. When complete the project will supply 1,515 houses on the market, beachfront villas and 5,000 apartments. Project property as a prime location situated at the intersection two most beautiful city streets are boulevards and Nguyen Tat Thanh Ton Duc Thang, police Doi Duong beach.

According to the market survey, the project is successful transactions into Vietnam mainly hand boss has completed or has not been implemented. Explaining this, Mr Pham Xuan Can, an expert in the field of M & A said that the majority of buyers not interested in the progress of construction projects. Since this project was invested a sizeable amount, should want to buy, the buyer must spend less intense than the construction project. Moreover, the business development of construction projects in progress will be difficult, because of the restructuring of the product to suit the market demand is very time consuming and not easy.


Evaluation of project transfer operations of foreign investors, said Marc Townsend, General Director of CBRE Vietnam, said that the dự án bình an pearl quận 2 foreign investors transfer their assets in Vietnam because of the warm market up, is the appropriate time to the restructuring fund inflows. The assignee as domestic investors to avoid the investment procedures for extension of the license when the deadline came closer investors, not by the real estate less attractive

According to experts, the growth of real estate hot in the past few years led to the scarcity of the beautiful location in the downtown area, especially in Hanoi, HCMC, Danang and all areas are being promoting tourism, such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang …, so the transfer will continue to take place and the buyer is the potential investors and real determination.


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