How do young people buy a house?

Apartments are vast patrimony that young people have accumulated many years are completely new can be purchased. however, due to lack of experience, many skilled people pay dearly for unwanted mistakes by not fully understand the problem, such as choosing the wrong apartment condotel sungroup đà nẵng rich country. below as are the characteristics of Master Ngo Dinh Khan, a university lecturer of financial economics in Ho Chi Minh City, compared with young people to buy the company.


First: About apartments, choose the most suitable one apartment with your user requirements at this time. condotel sungroup phu quoc units such as Danang sungroup heritage without a home and family can choose the 01-bedroom condominiums. Now to the pair vk young married husband, 01 bedroom houses also needs excellent demand for about 5-6 years.


Monday: On measures of financial centers, from where the apartment with the requirements leading to use of measures commensurate financial center, covers the current amount or the accumulated cost of borrowing. Current, in Ho Chi Minh City, you can find young apartment around 1 billion VND in the project Property pearl-like safety agency can ho empire city Thu Thiem 2 or empire and a few other real estate projects eastern district of Ho Chi Minh city.


Tuesday: on the state of the bank loan, if waiting until enough financial savings also decided to buy it is not necessary when the plan Processing. By relentless pace of price only Property Description will typically higher savings interest rate and cost budgets, if the cumulative amount of business that is included in the HCM real estate situation in 2016 manufacturing or marketing. so, should buy when amassed one part and the rest used measures of state bank loans. now, but there are some projects that are the state-owned banks offer a full effect at high interest. if you wait until sufficient financial center market real estate investment projects Estate Property price increases which is not small. Because of the beautiful apartments have been sold.

Often the state bank will loan 70% – 80% Property interest. However, standing in the aspect homebuyers to stay, often optimized especially for buying apartments commensurate demand accruing at about half the value of Purchase. For example, save the current DC 400 million, should you choose to buy apartment 800 million. this apartment would suit user requirements and current financial capacity of the business.

if 400 million borrowers, usually you only pay approximately 3 million views / month for the current lending interest rate banks are applied (typically 7% – 8% / year fixed and tightened in 2 to 3 years ). despite the wide interest rate increase include the following (12% / year), the bank rate at the level of state also reach 4 million / month, still within control. about this important interest you pay to bring in line with the bank if the customer does not then you need to go all the rent, the rent for your current needs as well as the level of interest in banks same as above.


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