HCM real estate situation in 2016

report environmental situation Property quarter 3/2016 Tp newly Enterprise Limited CBRE Country House spokesman had this morning (28/7), showed that the empire city thu thiem q2 supply in the segment can ho Peal the 2 soldiers in an environment much lower than the previous quarter.

Consequently, in the last 4 months welcoming environment all 8016 apartments from the 23 new real estate projects, including all projects 13 new Property & 10 project condotel sungroup heritage completion is for sale the later stages.

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According to CBRE, the number decreased by 17% compared to the previous quarter and down 27% for the same period the year before. new supply of affordable segment only accounts for a maximum Probability, reach 68% of the new supply. The next is the binh an pearl quan 2 premium segment with 29% of total new supply, mainly coming from the Project Property in Q4 and Ha Do Millenium live Centrosa Q.10.

Meanwhile, although the stench from the landfill multi Blessed are causing environmental stifling lives in Phu My Hung real estate, but the region continued to certify large volumes of high-end apartments selling out 3/2016 quarter, with 7 real estate projects, accounting for 44% of total new supply for sale also. follow identified and evaluated by CBRE, the South is the center point of the consumer appeal both to put in & investment spending.


Eastern area ranked second with 24% of new condominium presales are recognized in this quarter. A newcomer to the supply center focuses primarily East Binh Thanh District projects Real Estate featured a “big” Real Estate Vingroup.

According to CBRE, although figures for sale less than the previous quarter, but the number of apartments sold in high-end 4-H does not cease to 32% to 7811 units, a decrease of 2% over the same period last year. methods midrange but retains excellent results from the first sale with over 4,000 new apartments in the quarter consumption DC, just over 50% of the total volume sold apartments.

the largest contribution in this being from the apartment include experienced CDT up products in the mid-range mode. the investor of this project was launched sales methods & Trading fit, attractive aftermarket event …


For the price, said Q3 CBRE valuation recognized open when the average sale is $ 2,046 / m2, not decrease 2.1% for the previous quarter of 4.6% & non-stop for the same period in 2015. How including the mid-range segment with the maximum sale price does not stay is 7% qoq. besides, the new real estate projects for sale has been certified with the more expensive than the average price of the market compared to quarter 2/2016.

Top of the latter provision, in the fourth quarter of the market followed by plans to have an additional 40,000 apartments DC opens new sale. outstanding, a real estate project in urban areas Gio continue to contribute large numbers of housing for sale on the environment.


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